Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Notting Hill Carnival 2011 Photo Video Mix - London

Spirit of Notting Hill Carnival.  Photo by Eugenie Absalom

Notting Hill Carnival 2011 Photo Video Mix - London

Vibrant Colours of Notting Hill Carnival 2011 - London

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Music Lessons With a Difference: Klezmer Secrets Revealed by Oleg Lapidus

How to Laugh on Clarinet with Oleg Lapidus? Video

Music Lessons in Central London
and Online Via Webcam with Oleg Lapidus
Oleg Lapidus music studio location in central London, Camden, WC1H

"Hello, I am Oleg Lapidus. Welcome to my video clarinet lessons. Today I will show you how to "laugh" on clarinet or how to make a laughing effect (plays). It is mainly used in Jewish dance music, called Klezmer .... " - starts his Laughing Clarinet lesson Oleg Lapidus.

Professional musician multi-instrumentalist, playing Piano, Saxophone, Clarinet and Flute, Oleg Lapidus generously shares his expert knowledge of various music techniques with students at his central London studio in Camden, WC1H as well as online at his webcam music lessons.

Having lived in Kazakhstan, Israel, Russia and the UK, Oleg Lapidus speaks English, Russian and Hebrew. So his students have a number of languages to choose from for their music study as well as music instruments.

http://www.mLessons.co.uk/ http://www.myspace.com/oleglapidus

Born in Almaty, the capital city of the Soviet Kazakhstan, Oleg Lapidus started to play piano at the age of 11 and later decided to learn clarinet. He was accepted to Almaty Musical College (classical clarinet) and upon graduation - to Almaty State Pedagogical University (classical piano, vocal, conducting and teaching) and Almaty State Conservatoire (classical clarinet). After successfully graduating both of them with Masters Degree in Music he immigrated to Israel.

In Israel Oleg studied Jazz in Jerusalem Rubin Academy of Music (Jazz Piano – Nahum Perferkovich and Jazz Sax – Boris Gammer). He played with different Dixieland, Jazz and Jewish wedding bands and he taught clarinet and piano at Jerusalem School of Music.
He also had numerous appearances on TV in programme “7:40” as a musician, singer and an actor.

In 2006-08 Oleg Lapidus took part in Klezmer and Jazz festivals in Moscow (Dona-Fest, Yiddish-Fest), Klezfest in St. Petersburg and Klezfest in London, Covent Garden Jazz Festival. He became a student and follower of such key figures of Klezmer as David Krakauer, Merlin Shepherd, Frank London and Michael Alpert.

Now back in London Oleg Lapidus plays Gypsy Jazz in Quequmbar, Greek music with Greek function band ZOI, Klezmer with different Klezmer bands and solo with his backing tracks in clubs, hotels, live music bars and restaurants across England alongside teaching music.

"So, how you do laughing? First of all you have to learn how to bend a note or in other words - how to make a glissando down. Let’s split this technique into two simple exercises. (plays)" - continues his Laughing Clarinet Oleg Lapidus. Students of all levels from beginner to advanced are welcome to his music studio. One can master all the tricks of Klezmer clarinet at Oleg's lessons and spice up his folk, Klezmer and Jazz performance with the laughing effect as well start from scratch to play piano, saxophone or flute.

More about music lessons with Oleg Lapidus on: http://www.mLessons.co.uk/
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Oleg Lapidus Studio location in central London, Camden, WC1H